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SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. One Sage Way Faribault, MN 55021.
Phone:507-331-4848    Fax:507-333-0145

SAGE Electrochromics, Inc., was founded in 1989 with the sole purpose of developing and commercializing an electrochromic window product for buildings. SAGE has acquired over 55 U.S. and international patents (with 25 pending) on its technology. SAGE dynamic glazing product, trademarked SageGlass, has been in the marketplace since 2004 and is sold through commercial glazing contractors, skylight and curtainwall manufacturers such as Super Sky and Vistawall. On the residential side, SageGlass products are sold through VELUX (skylights) and window manufacturers. The company is based in Minnesota and currently has 55 employees. We invite you to visit SAGE website for more information.

Technologies Developed:

Electrochromic Glasses


Technologies Developed:

Liquid Crystal Glazings


sax3d.com GmbH, Annaberger Strasse 240, 09125 Chemnitz, Germany.
Phone:+49 (0) 371/5347-134    Fax:+49 (0) 371/5347-363

Technologies Developed:

Holographic Film


Advanced Materials SCHOTT North America, Inc. 555 Taxter Road Elmsford, NY 10523 USA.
Phone:+1 (914)831-2240    Fax:+1 (914)831-2201

Technologies Developed:

Anti-Reflective Films   |  ASI THRU Glass   |  Opalika Glass   |  PowerKontakt Glass   |  X-ray Protection Glazings


Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd, 4 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1EZ.
Phone:0800 262 958

Technologies Developed:



Siteco Limited, Unit 3-4 Grosvenor Business Park, Horsfield Way, Bredbury Industrial Estate, SK6 2SU Stockport, United Kingdom.
Phone:+44 161 406 0800    Fax:+44 161 494 6756

Technologies Developed:

Acrylic Prismatic Panels   |  Micro Sun Shield Louvers


Technologies Developed:

Skylight Systems

Solar Gard

Bekaert Specialty Films. LLC, 4540 Viewridge Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123.
Phone:(858) 576-0200,877-273-4364

Technologies Developed:


Solar Tracking Skylights

Solar Tracking Skylights, Inc., 4043 N Ravenswood Ave , Suite 219, Chicago, IL 60613-1155.
Phone:773-296-4200    Fax:773-296-4230

Technologies Developed:



Solartran PTY. LTD., 12 Lentara St., Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia Q4069.
Phone:61 7 33786586    Fax:61 7 33786586

Solartran Pty Ltd www.solartran.com.au is a research and development company operated by Dr Ian Edmonds that develops sustainable products for transfer by licensing to the building industry. Products are mainly daylighting systems and include laser cut panel, angular selective systems for skylights and light pipes, zenith light redirecting awnings, light channeling facade systems and light guiding shades. Channel Panel is a 14 mm thick panel that when fixed in the upper part of a window, redirects high elevation sunlight over the ceiling deep in the interior of the building while eliminating any below horizontal redirection that causes glare. AU Patent 2003204904 US Patent 7,070,314.

Technologies Developed:

Angular Selective Skylight   |  Light Channeling Panel


Solatube International, Inc. | 2210 Oak Ridge Way | Vista, CA 92081-7652.
Phone: 888.765.2882

Technologies Developed:



SolFocus, Inc., 510 Logue Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043.
Phone:+1.650.623.7100    Fax:+1.650.623.7101

Technologies Developed:


Southwall Technologies

Southwall Technologies Inc., 3788 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, California 94303.
Phone:(800) 365-8794,(650) 798-1200    Fax:(650) 798-1406

Technologies Developed:



949-2 Ebisu-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi,612-8201 Japan.
Phone:+81-75-605-7311    Fax:+81-75-605-7312

Technologies Developed:

Sphelar Solar Cells

Sun-Tek Manufacturing

Sun-Tek Manufacturing,Inc., 10303 General Drive • Orlando, Florida 32824.
Phone:407-859-2117    Fax:407-859-6607

Technologies Developed:


SunOptics Skylights

6201 27th Street, Sacramento, CA 95822.
Phone: (916) 395-4700, (800) 289-4700    Fax:(916) 395-9204,

Technologies Developed:

Prismatic Skylights


The Sun Pipe Co., Inc., P.O. Box 5760, Elgin, IL 60121-5760.
Phone:Toll Free: 800-844-4786, Local: 847-888-9222,    Fax:847-888-9444

Technologies Developed:


SunPort Skylights

212 S. 12th Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550.

Technologies Developed:

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