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Unicel Vision Control

Unicel Architectural Corp. 2155 Fernand Lafontaine Boulevard, Longueuil, Quebec, J4G 2J4 Canada.
Phone:+1 (800) 668-1580    Fax:+1 (866) 496-2628

With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of specialty glass units and custom aluminum structures, Unicel Architectural Corp. is committed to offering its customers superior control of daylight, sound, and energy, while supporting sustainable architecture.
Unicel has built its reputation on Vision Control, a unique patented glass unit that provides a wide array of solutions to light and sound control, for utmost hygiene, privacy and security. Predominantly used in healthcare facilities and institutional environments (schools, museums, auditoriums, banks, offices etc.), Vision Control is a louvered insulating glass unit that eliminates strings and minimizes maintenance efforts, while offering great comfort and significant/ significant energy savings. For its remarkable contribution to the healthcare design industry, Vision Control received The Architects Choice Award at the National Symposium on Healthcare Design.
Its superior versatility allows it to be used both in interior and exterior designs. According to the customers needs, Vision Control can be installed in different applications, including interior partitions, doors, skylights, curtain walls, and windows. Easily operable by a simple hand crank or thumbwheel, Vision Control may also be electrically controlled from a remote location and may be connected to the intelligent building control system.

Technologies Developed:

Vision Control Panel
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