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Solartran PTY. LTD., 12 Lentara St., Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia Q4069.
Phone:61 7 33786586    Fax:61 7 33786586

Solartran Pty Ltd www.solartran.com.au is a research and development company operated by Dr Ian Edmonds that develops sustainable products for transfer by licensing to the building industry. Products are mainly daylighting systems and include laser cut panel, angular selective systems for skylights and light pipes, zenith light redirecting awnings, light channeling facade systems and light guiding shades. Channel Panel is a 14 mm thick panel that when fixed in the upper part of a window, redirects high elevation sunlight over the ceiling deep in the interior of the building while eliminating any below horizontal redirection that causes glare. AU Patent 2003204904 US Patent 7,070,314.

Technologies Developed:

Angular Selective Skylight   |  Light Channeling Panel
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