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What is D-LITE?

The Database of Light Interacting Technologies for Envelopes (D-LITE) is an online database presenting light and sun control products, prototypes, research projects and case studies in an interactive database format. The aim of D-LITE is to facilitate the exploration and selection of such systems for those in the design and research fields so as to engage them early on to think about daylight and solar radiation for a better integration of sustainability and energy concerns in the built environment.

Light interacting technologies are classified into system categories according to their functional and performance characteristics. Based on the user’s requirements a number of filters can be activated to identify suitable systems for a given project and get access to intuitive information about them in terms of performance (also on a comparative basis), characteristics and architectural implementation. D-LITE’s content can alternatively be accessed through a comprehensive directory providing information on systems, categories, technology developers and envelope designers.
This database will continue to get populated with new technologies and references. To contribute to its contents, please contact us.

How to search for light interacting technologies?

The main D-LITE interface can be reached by clicking on the ‘search matrix’ menu or on the right-hand side of the logo (flower). It consists of a set of search filters acting upon a matrix that contains all the systems grouped by category according to their function, performance and application characteristics. Each category is represented by one hexagon on the matrix. Filters can be activated based on the particular needs of the project as illustrated in the animation below. As search filters get activated, categories will get eliminated from the current matrix selection. The list of systems or technologies belonging to an active category can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding hexagon. More information on a specific technology can be accessed by clicking on it inside this pop-up window, which will open its associated description page.


The search matrix is a function based-catalog Activating filters will refine the search Each category includes one or more technologies

The description pages contain visual and textual information about light-interacting technologies, including visualizations of how they interact with light, construction details and examples of projects where they have already been implemented. These pages also contain an interactive comparison chart for similar systems and links and information about companies or research institutes developing these systems, and architectural firms or designers who have used them. The database content can alternatively be accessed through the D-LITE directory where all the information is ordered alphabetically according to systems, categories, technology developers (companies or research institutes) and envelope designers (architecture firms, typically).


Rich information is provided for each system An interactive chart allows easy comparisons The directory allows other browsing options
Search matrix animation:
Happy d-liting!

The d-lite interactive search platform is operational and we invite companies, research institutes and designers to contribute to the database. Feel free to contact d-lite with any comments or contributions. Happy d-liting!

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